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Month: August 2006

One of the best accoustic renditions of all time

Over the weekend I found this video over Digg.  This is an accoustic rendition Outkast’s "Hey Ya" done by Obadiah Parker.  I loved the original song – but this version is actually better (believe it or not).

I wish this was a remake (a recording) instead of simply a cover.  I would totally buy this if I could!  I looked at his web site and found that he does a few other covers when he performs.  I would love to see his rendition of "#41" by Dave Matthews Band.

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An awesome concert!

I just returned from an evening with the Chili Peppers, in what was an amazing show!  With as much as I was looking forward to hear them – it definitely lived up to all the hype!  I’m not really sure if I can pinpoint one thing that blew me away, as much as every aspect of the concert was excellent: from the lighting, to the energy, to the stage presence, to the music selection.  The Chili Peppers had an awesome set-list.  I was almost expecting a run-down of the "Greatest Hits", but they actually had an eclectic mix of latest hits from Stadium Arcadium, some of the newer hits, but also some great features of older stuff like Funky Monks and Blood Sugar Sex Magik.  All of the songs they played were just booming, strong PHAT tunes!  It was great!

What made the concert awesome?  I think my girlfriend Bethany put it best when she said something to the effect of "When you can see that the people on stage are enjoying playing and having fun, it makes it a great concert.".  True words.

The Exilim did pretty will on it’s inagural outing.  I didn’t know if cameras were banned from the concert.  We saw no signs, and we saw quite a few.  However, I managed to sneak it in without being caught, and the shots that it took were pretty decent!  I showed some images below, check out the rest on Flickr!

This is a shot of the stage.  They had this big panels all across the back of the stage, then had them mounted on the ceiling.  This was some of the coolest stage lighting I’ve ever seen!

Bethany and I.

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Long week!

Wow, TGIF!  I am really grateful that this week is finally coming to an end.  At the beginning of the week I knew that this week was going to be long – little did I realize how much of an understatement I made.  Frankly work has kicked my ass.  When it’s all said & done, I’ll be putting in about 55-60 hours of work this week, and it’s all been fighting fires, with our application consistently going down.  It’s definitely frustrating to say the least.

I’m a little fearful about this upcoming week: given the amount of butt-kicking that works’ brought about, I’m nervous to add school on top of that.  Also looking at my schedule next week I have something going on virtually every night. Ugh.

On some good notes: I got my Broncos season tickets yesterday!  It hurt the wallet a bit, but I was fortunate enough to be able to pull it off for another year!  Now football season can officially begin…

Tonight Bethany and I are headed down to the Pepsi Center in Denver for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert.  This is a show I’ve really been excited about.  I saw them a few years ago at the crappy Fiddler’s Green / Coors Amphitheater venue in Denver, and it was about as good as it could be at the venue.  I can’t stand Coors Amphitheater because they have this noise ordinance that prevents any groups from playing after 10:30.  Snoop Dogg actually opened for them (which was an unique but awesome combination), but he played for almost 90 minutes, and when the show started at 7pm it really didn’t give the Chili Peppers much time to play at all.  This time, I’m really anxious to see a full set from them.

This will also be the debut of my "concert-camera".  I bought a used Casio Exilim EX-S3 camera off of eBay a few weeks back. My intention is to have a camera of decent quality, but is small enough to sneak in.  Both the Sonys and Exilims got good reviews for slim cameras, and the price was right on for the Exilim on eBay.  This thing is small enough to fit in a deck-of-cards holder, or a cigarette case – should be easy enough to smuggle.  I am looking forward to providing an update on my concert-camera’s inaugural journey.

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A (not so) funny poem about me

Well this is a first – someone actually wrote a poem about me.  However, rather than being a love poem from my girlfriend, the first poem written about me is a satircal Dr. Suess spoof glossing me as the "Gromey" (after the Grinch), talking about how I stole SpectacleFest.  This is direct response to Friday’s entry about Buzz Out Loud and SpectacleFest.

First let me be clear about something – I’m not upset that people have decided to have fun at my expense.  If someone has that kind of time on their hands to write a 5 page, 1,363 word poem about this than more power to them.  However, I feel that it’s necessary to point out that the basis of their poem is based on a false premise, and that I essentially was personally attacked.  Again, I’m not upset, but I am annoyed.

I’m annoyed because while my comments were constructively taken on the show (they are setting up a completely separate Wiki & relegating SpectacleFest comments to after the show officially ends), people feel the need juvenilely misinterpret my comments as "those who would crush SpectacleFest".

I don’t hate SpectacleFest, and the essence of my blog posting was not to say that the joke itself was bad – but simply that the constant renditions of the joke were annoying listeners like myself.  While I did call out "the listeners" in general, I did not cast blame on anyone specifically and personally tried to go out of my way not to offend the hosts of Buzz Out Loud.  I was very conscious about not making any personal attacks, and I’ll let those who read the post decide whether I did.  The satirical comment I made about "it’s not funny anymore guy" was not targeted at anyone specifically and was made more to drive home a point.

Where I take issue is that I put these comments out on a blog so that people can read and respond appropriately.  There’s a comment mechanism that works well, and people have challenged my views in my blog before resulting in a fruitful discussion.  I enjoy being challenged, and enjoy engaging in thoughtful debate.  What I don’t enjoy is people resorting to personal attacks simply because they disagree with me, then do it in such a manner that’s basically behind my back.  I’m not saying Frank L shouldn’t have submitted the poem to the show, but at least give me the courtesy of writing a comment or emailing me.  I also must concede that I should have emailed my blog entry to the Buzz Out Loud hosts, rather than relying on their Technorati feeds.

It also frustrates me that Veronica decided to post this on her own blog, essentially taking a side in this issue and giving the impression that she took my critical feedback about show listeners personally.  This is definitely discouraging to anyone else who may share my views about the joke, or anyone who would like to submit feedback in general (If you don’t agree with what everyone is saying, we’ll vilify you).  Seeing this on her blog causes me to take this joke personally – there were probably better ways to communicate this poem (i.e the Wiki they are working on). 

Again, I’m not upset and I know I’m probably reading too much into a joke about someone commenting on another joke, but I wanted to explain why I don’t think this is very funny.


12 on the 12th for August

Here it is!  As promised, my 12 on the 12th included pictures from a wedding – my friends Ryan and Karen.  Congrats to them!  Outside of the wedding, I tried my best to stay on top of my picture-taking – check them out below:

I begin my day by heading out to run my pre-wedding errands. This is my car outside of my apartment. Lately I’ve been parking right under the tree so the shade can cool-off my car.

First stop of the day: filling up the tank for the week. Ouch – gas prices are hurting my wallet. At times like these I wonder about having an SUV.

Next, over to target to get the wedding gift. I’m not really into registries, so I just opted for the gift card.

This is the inside of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s in Fort Collins, where the wedding was held. I didn’t want to take a picture during that Mass, so this is right after the wedding as we were all heading out.

One of the great parts about weddings is seeing all of your good friends again. From left: Emily, myself, Joel & Shannon

This is a picture of the church hall next to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s – it’s beautiful! My friends Meghan and Michael are in front.

I broke out my camera during the toast and took a picture of Michael through my champagne glass.

Joel chowing down on the good food – I think this was his second plate!

Dancing at weddings, doing the "Electric Slide". I was glad to have my camera at this point – anything to avoid dancing!

After the wedding I went to my mom’s to visit my uncle who is in town. They were replacing the wooden gates with vinyl – hopefully the dog won’t tear these up!

My sister and her boyfriend came over. We played with the dog for a while and then threw the football around. This is my mom’s back yard.

My sister Christina and Cole our cat. We call her the "Mafia Cat" because her fur looks like a tuxedo: black on the outside with white up her stomach.

My fifth 12 on the 12th is in the books!  Next month’s edition should actually include the Dave Matthews Concert! I’m definitely looking forward to that!

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