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Year: 2006

Early January Update

It’s been a crazy few days!  One would think that after coming back from Chicago things would  begin to clam down, but that is rarely the case…

As part of transitioning my role as the NCSC’s Western Regional Chair, I flew the new chairperson up to Fort Collins this weekend so that we could do the transition in person.  We ended up getting a pretty cheap flight, but the reason it was cheap was because he arrived at 2:30am!  While I was picking him up it didn’t seem like the smartest idea in the world, but we managed to sleep in enough on Saturday to make up for everything.  We ended up having a really nice time this weekend, showing him a bit of Fort Collins, and of course doing lots of work to transition things off.

It may seem a little extreme to do the transition in person, especially when every National Team transition takes place over great distances, but I think in the end I did this more for my sake than for New Chair.  With my incoming responsibilities as PR Chair piling up, I didn’t want to sacrifice the Western Region’s transition for my own responsibilities.  At the same time, if I was able to do the transition really well and get the New Chair off and running, it will hopefully mean that I won’t feel the need to call him and keep reminding him about all the little things I would have missed by rushing the transition.  So this weekend I put quite a bit on hold, but I think it was a calculated sacrifice which will ultimately be better for the New Chair, myself & PR and the NCSC.  Now I just need to play a lot of catch-up!  It’ll be good though, I love doing all of this PR work – as long as I can keep my head afloat…

Some other really exciting stuff has happened in the last few days:

1) With Christmas gone and a little extra money in my account, I decided to treat myself to a late-Christmas present – I reapplied new drum heads to all of my drums!  This has been something that has been long overdue.  I had these really old PinStripes that were three years old and all but dead, and I was really eager to try something new on my drums.  Borrowing a page from my favorite drummer’s playbook I got some really cool-looking Ebony Ambassadors and placed them on all of my Toms.  I put some clear Ambassadors on the bottom Toms, and got a new Emperor X snare head.  Bethany helped me put them on my drums on Thursday, gave them a few days to stretch, set them up Saturday at church and here’s what they looked like:

It looks really sharp!! The toms sound pretty decent, I definitely need to do some more work on the snare, but it’s really coming along

2) LAST NIGHT WAS MY LAST PASTORAL COUNCIL MEETING!!!!  You can’t imagine how happy I am about this – I will need to do a Pastoral Council reflection post sometime soon, but basically after three years on Pastoral Council and some very large shifts in my parish, I’m really looking forward to having free Monday nights again..  Now I can watch Monday Night Footb- oh wait…

3) I GOT PLAYOFF TICKETS TODAY!!!!  They are here, there is no longer any doubt: Saturday at 6pm at Mile High Stadium – I’ll be there, watching THE BRONCOS BEAT THE PATRIOTS!

That’s it for now – more to come later

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Back from…

I don’t know where to begin.  I could come out with some apology about not posting since Christmas Eve, but you’ve heard the same apology before.  I don’t think I need to state the obvious – I’ve been busy and things have been crazy.  Since I posted on Christmas Eve I had an amazing time at the Broncos/Raiders game.  My good friend Emily invited me to sit in her 4th row seats, so we painted our faces and went crazy.  Better yet, my sisters who were sitting in my seats managed to make it down to where Emily and I were sitting during the second half.  We had such a great time heckling the Raider players, especially Jerry Porter.  We also had a really fun time giving Raider fan a lot of crap as well.  There was one sitting a few rows behind us, and I really tore into him during the 3rd quarter, especially when he made fun of me and "other Broncos guys that were waving pom-poms."  I told him that we were cheering for our team, which is something Raider fans probably aren’t used to, with their heads buried in their hands during Raiders games and all.  It was classic…

I also wanted to include some pictures of us from the game:

The Christmas Eve UPS situation got resolved, but it took a lot of stress, a lot of flexibility on my part, and in the end I had to meet a driver in a parking lot in order to get my package.  It was the biggest joke of all time…  Let’s just say next time I need to ship something urgent, I’ll take the no-brainer and go FedEx.

I just got back from Chicago, where I went out for the NCSC Conference.  I flew out on Tuesday the 27th and flew back on Tues the 3rd.  This turned out to be simply an amazing experience, and probably was my best Conference experience yet.  That said, the week was very busy, very draining and I was extremely sleep-deprived. I have only begun to recuperate from the experience.  During the 4 nights of Conference I collectively slept for about 12 hours, and my first opportunity to really sleep in was on Tuesday night when I returned.  Even at the end-of-day Thursday I still find myself needing a nap and looking forward to another full night of sleep.  My health unfortunately has begun to be impacted as well…   I’m not really sick, but at the same time I’m not feeling well either.  I think I taxed my immune system heavily last week and with the climate changes, traveling and everything else going on my body is still trying to adjust.

In my discernment process, I felt the calling to re-discern for NCSC leadership and am excited to now be in the role of Public Relations Chair.  I am really excited for this opportunity . I think that a lot of the gifts and skills I have feed into this position really well, and after spending a great deal of last year wearing two different hats, I’m really excited to be able to concentrate my energies into a single part of NCSC.  I am also really excited to be working with the new PR Committee.  There are so many enthusiastic, talented people who are excited to help.  I am now left with the challenge of finding the best way to utilize people’s talents effectively, build community, and offer ways for them to grow their skills.  This is a big challenge, but it’s one I’m very excited about and really feels good.

I am also excited about the friendships that grew while I was in Chicago, as well as some new ones that have formed.  One of the challenges will be to continue these connections beyond the Conference, but it’s again another one I look forward to…

There’s so much more to say, but I need to go to bed and continue to catch up on sleep, but to make my entry look bigger I’ll add some pictures

Erin & I after the Regional Olympics… I was pissed our region came in last!

Joanna (from NMSU) and I

Emily, Leanne & I – 3rd time around the Conference block together!

The 2005 National Team – it’s been a blast!

Our Western Region Leadership Team – Team West

The Western Region at the Regional Olympics!  We represented with the Gold!

Amy (an amazing new friend) and I

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“I hate that $%@!ing Christmas tree. The tree HAS to come down.”


Just when I thought I had a fun and crazy New Year’s, I found out the 24 star Kiefer Sutherland went on a 7 hour bender in London, resulting in him getting into a fight with a 12 foot Christmas tree!

I’m still going through my 24 addiction, and am halfway through Season 3.  Season 5 kicks off next weekend, but I have to ask myself – why did Kiefer need to fight the Christmas tree?  Maybe the tree was part of some terrorist plot and after 7 hours he only have 17 hours left to save us all.   Maybe he was extracting revenge on the tree for kidnapping his daughter.  Maybe the tree was once an ally of Kiefer’s but ultimately betrayed him. Desperate times call for desperate tactics!

Well at least he asked for permission before knocking it down!  You can give him that!

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