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Month: March 2007

DMB you’re kidding!

My sister just texted me, it looks like Dave Matthews Band just came out with their tour dates for the summer – AND THERE IS NO DENVER!


This is crap.  One year he comes to Red Rocks for 4 nights, then 2 years later they don’t even come (and that was after they didn’t come the previous year).  Geez.

Looks like a road trip may be in order, but I’ve already spent my concert budget for the summer already. Lame…

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Great reflections on "Bum Rush"

The guys at Financial Aid Podcast, who spearheaded helped spearhead the “Bum Rush” effort posted some great reflections on the the results.  The final numbers aren’t in, but it looks like a decently strong statement was made.  It didn’t scratch the day’s “Top 100 sales” chart on iTunes in the US, but made some good inroads internationally.

They offered some great insights and lessons-learned in their posting.  I agree with all of their points, and am specifically interested in how for a future “Bum Rush” to have more transparency or a communal feeling in the choosing of a band.  Choosing the artist is definitely a complex issue.   A good idea would have to have some kind of nomination and voting process to choose the next artist, or perhaps form some kind of selection committee put together of independent artists, podcasters and listeners that could select the band based on nominations.  My only fear would be a loss of buy-in from people who voted for a band that didn’t get selected, but I think it outweighs the concern of the current skepticism about the process.  I could see how it could come across as a scam.  I personally was pretty skeptical early on, until I heard the interview Black Lab’s lead singer on the Musician’s Cooler podcast.  Too bad more people couldn’t hear that interview earlier on.

I also agree that it would have been nice to have more work-friendly artwork.  If you go to iTunes and search for “Black Lab” you get an image that’s not really safe for work or around your family.  I can appreciate Black Lab’s artistic expression, but I think that needs to be taken into consideration if you’re looking to make the music marketable to a wide audience.

It would have been nice to continue the viral marketing, perhaps by making some badges that people could put on their web site or blog.

Overall I’m glad I participated, and bought a really cool song from it.

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Bum rush the charts today – stick it to the RIAA

If you have $1 sitting around and would like it to go to a good cause, as well as offer a hand gesture to the RIAA, be sure to check out  The hope is to have many people buy “Mine Again” by Black Lab off of iTunes today, sending that song into the “top tracks” listing.  These guys got screwed by the major labels twice, and have a good story to tell on why it’s not always best to get a record deal.  It’s also a good statement to make against the RIAA: promoting music through viral marketing and podcasts, rather than just eating the crappy music they shove down our throats.

The song is actually really good, and the proceeds go to a scholarship fund.  Instead of using the $1 to buy a candy bar, go to iTunes and buy this song today!  Buy the song now.

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Nothing like rebuilding laptops

Over the last week I’ve been a laptop setup fool.  In less then 8 days I have set up three different laptops: a brand new one for my friend, a new one for my sister, and then a used one for my other sister.  Two of them came with Windows Vista, and the other one was re-imaged with Windows XP.  Since then I have made multiple visits to NewEgg to pick up additional parts (2.5 GB of RAM, a replacement CD/DVD Burner, a Bluetooth dongle, a WebCam).  With all of that, I came to some realizations:

  • I learned a lot about Windows Vista.  It’s really pretty, and I think most people will enjoy it.  I personally hated navigating through it, since the XP keyboard commands are second nature to me.  Vista changes all of that.  The constant access requests pissed me off too – try making changes to your Start Menu with those stupid alerts one.  Moving a freaking shortcut around gave me two separate alerts (let alone deleting the folder).
  • You’d be surprised how some extra RAM and a re-formatted hard drive can make your computer feel as good as new.  This Dell Inspiron 5100 is pretty fast.
  • I can rebuild a machine and get all of the necessary software back on in about a 1/2 day (that is if the machine is accessible to you the whole time).
  • A 500GB external hard drive is your best friend during this process
  • XXCopy is a great utility for backing up your hard drive
  • It’s ridiculous that I had to install 82 Windows Updates on an XP-SP2 reformat – I hate how it turned a 2 gig Windows installation into a 4 gig windows installation.

There are some great utilities that I initially installed on my sisters’ machines.  I love FileHippo for downloading all of these:

I’m about Laptop’ed out at this point, but I have one more to go.  Part of the deal with my sister’s new laptop was that I would get her old laptop to fix and get to my mom.  Luckily I’ll have a few weeks to wait for it to come in.

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Back from a long respite

I’ve been pretty silent on the bloggong front for the last month.  It was partly due to me not having a lot of time, but I also didn’t have a lot to blog about for a while.  When I was travling in Atlanta there really wasn’t much to write home about: I worked all day, ate like a king every night (which was pretty bad), and did the same routine for 2 weeks.  I did manage to see the Aquarium they have out there – it was pretty sweet.

I also went out to LA for the Religious Education Congress and had a good time as well.  I came back and got my butt kicked at school for missing two weeks, but it was expected.  Now we’re on Spring Break, which gives me a little study time to prepare for the rest of the semester.

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