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Month: February 2008

Off to Los Angeles

Writing from the Airport (courtesy of DIA’s free Wi-fi) getting ready to board a plane to LA.  Bethany and I are heading out to the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.  I went back and counted and realized this will be my 6th time heading out there.  I’m excited because in a few hours I’m going to see this again:

We’ve had a tradition going down a day early and going to this pier in Dana Point.  We then spend the afternoon walking the beach, and then heading up to this bar to watch the sunset and eat some clams.  It’s a great way to kick off a great conference.

I’m also excited because my sister and her fiancée are joining us.  I’m also excited to be going with my buddy Joel and hopefully will get to see Andie as well.

LA here we come!


Yahoo SMTP finally fixed

Finally some good news from the Yahoo Mail Updates blog regarding the earlier Yahoo SMTP Issues:

Recently we began experiencing an unexpected increase in traffic through the servers we have dedicated for POP/SMTP messages. When we first became aware that some users were having their messages delayed because of this we examined the issue, and the initial solution appeared to have the problem under control. However we soon learned that more needed to be done to ensure the levels of service we strive to provide.

As a result we spent the last several days not only upgrading hardware resources for our SMTP servers, but also restructuring the way the bandwidth of these servers is allocated. We are confident that this solution will not only resolve the immediate problems, but also ensure that the systems are even more reliable in the future.

This is definitely welcome news after about 10 days of significant mail delays.  There is a minor fix on the client side: you need to visit the Yahoo Mail site and check out the POP/SMTP configuration options to see if new servers are specified.  I had to change my settings, but once I did that emails sent instantly.

One point of feedback I would offer about this situation is that Yahoo should have offered better communication throughout the process.  I realize that it’s not in-style for these larger companies to offer “system status” pages, but this would have alleviated the entire situation. I appreciate the level of detail they offered in the “resolution” blog post, but this would have been great while this was going on.  Instead a lot of us were left to stew in our frustration and anger, demonstrated in the comments of my original posting.  This only further soured the already bitter taste in our mouths.


7 weeks from being homeowners

I have great news to share.  Today Bethany and I signed the contract to purchase a new townhome!  Our new home is located in southeast Fort Collins.  This 2 bedroom, 2 & 1/2 bathroom home is very beautiful and modern – something we fell in love with right away.  We hope to move in mid-April and will keep you posted!


"Ram It"

I thought I saw the cheesiest video of all when I came across “Hillary for you and me“. But little had I known that it wouldn’t be the cheesiest video I’d see this week:

Wow, I don’t know if I can ever look at the Rams without laughing again. Granted these were the LA Rams, but this is a stain on the franchise – as bad as Spygate is to the Patriots.