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Month: June 2008

No more Mr. Big on Criminal Intent

I came across this on MSNBC last night:

“Mr. Big is out, and Mr. Goldblum is in.  Jeff Goldblum will be joining “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” while Chris Noth – Mr. Big in the “Sex and the City” TV show and movie – is leaving after three seasons, a series spokeswoman said Thursday.”

This is welcome news.  I love watching Criminal Intent, mainly because of Vincent D’Onofrio.  When they went to the split-detectives a few years ago, I basically stopped watching every other episode.  The best part of Criminal Intent is the Columbo-like character in Detective Goren, always spouting off these random bits of knowledge and having these socially awkward interactions.  Goldblum should be able to play into that tone pretty well, and will compliment the D’Onofrio team.  Now only if they could get more shows out of the season and get it back onto NBC.

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(Hopefully) Re-opening the blog fire-hydrant

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus over the last few weeks.  I didn’t intend for it to happen, but with as busy as June was, that’s the way things turned out.  It’s funny, when you fall out of practice with blogging, there seems to be an subtle intimidation factor in coming back.  Over the last week or so I meant to post on here, and even had some "that would be clever" thoughts, but I let procrastination get the better of me.

Hopefully this will be the post that re-opens the fire hydrant – jumping that first hurdle.

And now that I’ve used over a hundred words to basically say nothing, I’m going to go to bed and let tomorrow be a new blogging day.  Thanks for being patient with me and your continued curiosity in my happenings!

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Off to Durango

Bethany and I are hitting the road this weekend, heading to Durango for our Engagement Party.  Durango is Bethany’s old stomping grounds.  We managed to get some good cheap flights, so instead of driving all night, we’re just flying down in the early morning.  We’re very excited because we’ll be able to stay longer on Sunday.  See you in Durango!

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Congrats to Christina & Tony!


I was off the blogging grid for a while once again, as I spent these last few weeks helping my sister & Tony get ready for their wedding.  I had a wide range of jobs, from playing the Mass music, to organizing the reception playlists.  One of the jobs I’m most proud of, is the slideshow I put together below.  I wanted to post it on my blog to share with my friends and family.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and I’m so happy for Christina and my new brother-in-law Tony!

Update: I’m having some trouble getting the slideshow to display, so in the meantime enjoy the Flickr pictures!

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