Pre-gaming for a show

It looks like the roads from Fort Collins to Denver are clearing up, and the weather is clearing up for our Greenfoot show at Signatures Night Club.  Aside from my regular drum gear, there are a few other things to gather for myself and the band.  Some of the things I’m packing in my gear box:

  • Print-Outs of the Set List in big, bold type that can be seen on a dark stage
  • Duct tape for the setlists and any other cords/gear that needs to be taped down
  • Print-Outs of our mailing list signup form (along with pens that I’m not afraid to lose)
  • CD’s to hand out
  • Business Cards with our contact information
  • T-Shirts to sell
  • My Nalgene water bottle
  • Gum (so I don’t look like an idiot when I play)

What are other things that musicians should bring with them (aside from their gear)?  What one of the things I’m on the search for is a clock that: 1) Can be seen in the dark (either with a back-lit, or front-lit digits); 2) Displays in this mode by default (doesn’t need to be touched); 3) Is (or can be) battery powered.  So far no such luck.   Would anyone have any suggestions – either for a clock or for gear musicians need to bring).