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Month: December 2009

Winter Wonderland

For those who don’t live in Colorado, you may not be aware that we got a nice snow storm to help ring in the Christmas cheer.  Hopefully everyone is staying warm and dry right now!  With the snow looming, Bethany and I managed to put up our Christmas tree and lights the day before the snow arrived.  It made for some very nice pictures!


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They don’t make videos like this anymore

I came across the latest OK Go video, which made me miss the time when music videos had a great deal of creativity in them.  I don’t mean to sound dated, but you really don’t see the diverse thought and efforts in music videos (if they even show them anymore) as you see with OK Go.  If you remember, these were the guys that did the “Treadmill Video” (here it goes again) as well as some awesome choreography in “A Million Ways“.

All of these are worth a look.  It’s too bad that these are more rare these days.

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