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Month: May 2010

Awesome Nike Ad (from a guy who hates Soccer)

If you’ve talked sports with me, you probably know that I hate soccer. However, this Nike commercial about the World Cup makes even soccer look cool.  It’s more of a "mini-movie" than a commercial, but pretty awesome nonetheless.

Apparently there were a lot of big soccer stars in this video, but all I could say was "Hey that’s Kobe Bryant & Homer Simpson!". Go check out this write up though to get all the details on this awesome video.

Update: Looks like Vimeo somehow took down the video, so I found the replacement on YouTube.

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Nostalgic Alert: Zappolo Interviewing Smith & McCaffrey

With the recent Brandon Marshall fiasco, it’s easy to forget just how classy Broncos receivers can be.  Check out this video of Ron Zappolo interviewing Rod Smith & Ed McCaffrey – two of the Broncos greats:


This makes you wish they’d still suit up and play. I don’t know what was more classic: the interview itself; or the fact that Ron Zappolo, who is missed sports staple in Denver, interviewed them.

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Scobbling: 26k to 29k

Note: This is a follow-up post to 26,000 Scrobbled and counting which I wrote last October. 

This week, I crossed the 29,000 song mark in the songs I’ve “Scrobbled” or tracked in  Now that I’ve crossed the 29k mark, I wanted to give an update as to what I’m listening.  There are a few interesting developments, such as a band making it’s debut on my top 10 at #2.

These Scrobbles primarily come from the listening I do at home & at work, as well as what I listen to on my iPod.  I use a little SanDisk Clip when I’m at the gym, but since that device doesn’t register play-counts, there is no way for me to Scrobble those songs.  Also, please note I’m listing my “Overall” rankings. If you would like to see what I’ve been listening to over the last 3,6,12 months, check out my Last.FM profile.  Also I would highly encourage anyone to use Last.FM.  It’s a great music discovery tool, but I primarily use to to examine my listening patterns.  It doesn’t cost anything, plugs in easily into iTunes or other media players, and makes your listening experience interesting.

Dropped off since 26,000:

  • System of A Down (Previously at 10) – If I was Scrobbling my workout music, System of a Down would not only be on the top 10, but probably be pretty high in the list.
  • Fiction Plane (Previously at 9)

10. Gym Class Heroes (298 Plays, Previously at 8 ): Previously I was addicted to 2-3 songs by them, now I’m addicted to 4-5. The Quilt is a really good album though). Top Album: As Cruel as School Children; Top Songs: 4th Period: Clothes Off!!, Peace Sign/Index Down, Cupid’s Chokehold.

9. The John Butler Trio (299 Plays, New on List ): John Butler Trio’s latest album, What You Want, is probably the reason why it shot it’s way up. It’s a good album that’s easy to listen to from start to finish. Top Album: Grand National; Top Songs: Daniella, Zebra, Better Than

8. O.A.R. (368 Plays, Previously at 7): It’s interesting that for as much as I thought I listened to O.A.R., I’ve only shot up 70 more plays since October. Top Album: All Sides; Top Songs: War Song, Shattered, The Stranger

7. Outkast (370 Plays, Previously at 5): I really wish they’d release some new material, and quickly. Top Album: Stankonia; Top Songs: Humble Mumble, Ms. Jackson, Rosa Parks 

6. Jimmy Eat World (386 Plays, Previously at 4): I still haven’t seen them live, but do really want to. Top Album: Chase This Light; Top Songs: Open Bar Reception, Here It Goes (if you want to see something stupidly funny, click on this link and watch the video these guys made dancing to this song), Big Casino

5. Five For Fighting (412 PLays, Previously at 6): Seeing John Ondrasik live is the biggest reason for this leapfrog. The new album “Slice” is great as well. Top Album: Two Lights; Top Songs: World, The Riddle, 100 Years

4. Michael Franti & Spearhead (459 Plays, Previously at 2): I wasn’t a huge fan of All Rebel Rockers, so I’m hoping their next release they’re working on sounds more like Stay Human, Everyone Deserves Music, and Yell Fire! Top Album: Stay Human; Top Songs: One Step Closer to You, People In Tha Middle, Listener Supported

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers (460 Plays, Previously at 3 ): It sounds like they have a new guitarist.  We’ll see if they’ll be able to put out a new release soon.  Top Album: Stadium Arcadium; Top Songs: Under the Bridge, Dani California, Show Me Your Soul

2. Muse (555 Plays, New on List): I was pretty shocked when I saw that Muse wasn’t really on my radar last fall, and yet have risen all the way to #2.  Part of it is that I bought tickets to their show in Denver, and boned up on as much Muse as I could. The other part is that Muse is really easy to listen to when you’re coding. Top Album: Origin of Symmetry; Top Songs: New Born, Hyper Music, Time Is Running Out

1. (With no surprise) Dave Matthews Band (1,408 Plays, Previously at #1): DMB continues to pad their stats in my listening list, but if my Scrobbles were reset 6 months ago, Muse would be up nearly 2:1 over DMB. I need to get to a Dave show pretty soon to get that spark again. Top Album: Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King; Top Songs: #41, Grey Street, Two Step

Thanks again for indulging me in my few minutes of vanity. I’ll probably post something again when I cross 30,000 Scrobbles, if there are any changes in the rankings.


This Betty White nonsense needs to stop

Read: Facebook Wants Betty White to Host EVERYTHING

By now you’ve probably heard/seen the raving success that Betty White’s hosting stint on Saturday Night Live – and as Betty says, it’s largely due to a campaign on Facebook to get her to host.

So yes, Betty White killed it, SNL got a ton of ratings, and the Facebook honks that started that group are breaking their arms patting themselves on the back.

Unfortunately as with most internet memes, the people who started and supported them don’t know when to quit, and are now getting greedy.  Now if you go onto Facebook you’re seeting groups like “Getting Betty White to Host the Academy Awards” (not to be confused with “Betty White to Host the Oscars,”), “Betty White Must Host 2010 Emmys!”, and I’ve there’s “Let’s Get Betty White on Glee”?!?

Seriously, this has gone too far and has got to stop.  For crying out loud, the woman is 88 years old. I know actors are a different breed, but who wants to work this much at 88? Let’s call a victory “a victory” and don’t try to get lightning to strike twice. Betty said it herself, it’s “a huge waste of time”.

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