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Month: November 2010

Worth Reading: Federal VIP Penn


Leave it to a Vegas entertainer to help us bring sanity into this TSA situation.

Penn Jillette (from Penn & Teller fame) recounted the last time he went through Vegas’ McCarran airport and opting for the security pat-down:

Last Thursday I was flying to LA on the Midnight flight. I went through security my usual sour stuff. I beeped, of course, and was shuttled to the "toss-em" line. A security guy came over. I assumed the position. I had a button up shirt on that was untucked. He reached around while he was behind me and grabbed around my front pocket. I guess he was going for my flashlight, but the area could have loosely been called "crotch." I said, "You have to ask me before you touch me or it’s assault."


They sent a guy over and I said that I’d like to register a complaint. I insisted on his name and badge number. I filled it out with my name. The supervisor, I think trying to intimidate me, asked for my license, and I gave it to him happily as he wrote down information. I kept saying, "Please get the police," and they kept saying, "You’re free to go, we don’t need the police." I insisted and they got a higher up, female, supervisor. I was polite, cold, and a little funny. "Anyone is welcome to grab my crotch, I don’t require dinner and a movie, just ask me. Is that asking too much? You wanna grab my crotch, please ask. Does that seem like a crazy person to you?" I had about 4 of them standing around. Finally Metro PD shows up. It’s really interesting. First of all, the cop is a BIG P&T fan and that ain’t hurting. Second, I get the vibe that he is WAY sick of these federal leather-sniffers. He has that vibe that real cops have toward renta-cops. This is working WAY to my advantage, so I play it.

The whole article is worth reading. I won’t spoil the ending, but it looks like Penn is willing to fight the good fight on these invasive procedures.

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Bring Back that Orange!

There’s currently a movement going around the Internet, and I’m hoping to rally my friends to join. The cause isn’t controversial, it’s rather simple: Persuade the Broncos Brass to switch to the Orange Jerseys as their primary jersey.


I’ve been bummed about the jerseys ever since they switched to the blue in 1997.  Of course the new uniforms brought about some Super Bowls by coincidence, but it’s time that the Broncos right things and switch back to using the beautiful orange as the primary jersey color.  No other team in the league embraces orange the way we do (the Dolphins and Bears have orange in their team colors, but don’t make significant use of them).  In face, as Andrew Mason points out, 40% of the league uses blue as a primary color, while almost 30% of them use Navy Blue – same as the Broncos.

I could go on about the convincing arguments about orange, but I’ll leave it to the Pro’s:

I know this isn’t ending world hunger or anything of that magnitude, but this is an easy cause to get around and support.

There are three ways you can support:

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Tebow-mania is out of hand at Mile High

What a fantastic Broncos game today. The team came through and really rewarded the fans that suffered through the beat-down by the Raiders three weeks ago, by inflicting their own beating on the Chiefs.  Of course we’ll see what happens when the play the Chargers on Monday night.

I don’t mean to complain, but there is one thing that’s happening at Mile High that just drives me crazy – how nuts people go about Tebow.


I realize that many Tebow fans have probably never been to an NFL game, or even watched football – so let me offer a tip: When the home team is on offense, you shut up! The minute he steps onto the field people start cheering as if we scored a touchdown and don’t stop until the play is over.  I was fine with giving a pass in the Jets game when Tebow took the home field for the first time in a regular season game, but the crowd goes bonkers every freaking time!  What’s going to happen when Tebow comes in for more than one play – start defensive cheers?

Tebow fans: calm down. He knows you love him, but there’s no need to make his job harder for him.

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Is the drummer wearing a woman’s blouse?

One of my favorite songs of the 80’s has to be Toto’s “Africa”, I love the percussion that goes on in the background.  It occurred to me that I’ve never seen the video, and now those images will haunt me forever when I think of this song:

Seriously, doesn’t it look like the drummer is wearing woman’s clothing?  Also, I am forever disappointed that the flute/marimba solo is really a synthesizer, and they featured it like it was impressive or something.

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