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Month: April 2016

FoCoMx Playlists? FoCoMx Playlists!

I’m so incredibly excited to be playing FoCoMx again this year with Amy and the Peace Pipes, this time headlining the Boot Grill on Friday Night! There are so many incredible bands taking part in this festival, and to celebrate that I wanted to share some Spotify Playlists of the bands. Whether you’ve already got your wristband, love the FoCo Music Scene, or want to check out some awesome bands, hopefully these playlists will get you excited about the upcoming weekend!

Friday Night Artists (April 22)

Friday’s Schedule at FoCoMx

Saturday Night Artists (April 23)

Saturday’s Schedule at FoCoMx

Notes (for Bands) on the Playlist

  • I compiled this list by manually searching for each FoCoMx artist on Spotify, then clicking on the #1 listed “Most Popular” song.
  • The list is roughly in the order that artists are playing throughout the day
  • I apologize if I could not find your band, or if I identified the wrong band (I did try to verify some of those I had doubts by looking for release info on their web site or Facebook page).
  • Collaboration is turned on, so please feel free to swap out your band’s song if you’d prefer
  • One song per band please
  • If you don’t have a Spotify account or can’t modify the list, Tweet at Me and I’ll be happy to fix it for your band.

Thanks for checking out the playlist! I hope you enjoy it, follow it and pass it along to other #FoCoMusic lovers.

Amy and the Peace Pipes at FoCoMx, Friday, 11pm - The Boot Grill
Amy and the Peace Pipes at FoCoMx, Friday, 11pm – The Boot Grill


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New Gig Poster Design: Swing Station w/ Aires Attic

My band, Amy and the Peace Pipes are kicking off an exciting season of shows with our first show at Swing Station, playing with Aires Attic. I really wanted to get away from posting the band photos straight-up and go with something that would portray a more artistic side of the two genres.  Since our pairing is a little different, I thought the design could really showcase that.


Most of this gig-poster is based on a Photo to Color Sketch Tutorial that I’ve been meaning to use.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, especially with Amy and the Peace Pipes (the Aires Attic photo was already in Black & White, so I applied some color tine to the sketch effect.

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