Greenfoot @ Signatures Thoughts

Last weekend Greenfoot played our first show at Signatures Night Club, a fantastic show at a great venue for musicians.  I don’t think Signatures is necessarily new, but it’s under new ownership that has definitely put a lot of time into making it a classy place.  It’s clean and laid out well.  It’s got a great “small club” atmosphere, essentially two separate rooms: 1 has the bar with the pool tables and TV’s, while the other room is tables and the stage for the band.

The atmosphere brings out a good energy throughout the whole club.  The regulars are receptive to live music and definitely give bands the benefit of the doubt.  Considering that Denver went through a snow storm that left a ton of ice, and that we were playing in weather conditions that postponed the Rockies game, we had an ok turnout.  The weather definitely kept people away, but we still really appreciated those that made the trip out and made sure they weren’t disappointed.

This was our first show back from taking the summer off, and I was surprised at just how tight we played.  We kept things laid back and loose (which I know sounds contradictory), but really felt comfortable, especially with introducing the new covers that we had.  We did some fine-tuning of our originals, introducing some songs with some noticeable changes, which came off pretty well.

The owner at Signature’s is a really stand up guy, who is really supportive of live music, rock & roll, and the musician community.  He was great to us all evening and really took a genuine interest and appreciation in our music.  We are definitely looking forward to going back in the winter, hopefully in December.  Sorry that we didn’t manage to get any pictures, but I’ll share a video of us performing 1 Night Stand (from an earlier show) – the owner’s favorite song.