Drumming is a great passion of mine. I have been playing for over 20 years, starting in middle school. I have vast experience in many different aspects of drumming, from concert percussion to drum corp style marching band. However, my main focus is as a drum set player.

Throughout my career, I have played in various genres: primarily focused in Modern and Classic Rock, but I have also had experience in Jazz, Ska, Funk, Christian Contemporary & Praise, Hard Rock/Metal, Reggae, and Country. I’m always up for new challenges and appreciate the opportunities to expand my musical knowledge.

Skills & Areas of Focus

Before I was drumming I played piano, which gave me the ability to play mallet instruments but most importantly understands music theory.  I can read charts and am an effective sight-reader.  I can pick up on songs very quickly, and always am willing to put in the practice on my own time to make sure that I’m not letting the group down.

My biggest gift is my ability to blend in tastefully with virtually any music scenario.  I use my kit to add rich textures and colors to music, but without detracting too much from the focus of the song.  My ability to maintain the tempo and keep “in the pocket” – a must for any drummer – is precise.  I have no problems playing with a click track, but oftentimes don’t need one.


Among my biggest musical influences is Carter Beauford of Dave Matthews Band. I have grown to admire his approach to drumming.  Other great influences are Stewart Copeland (The Police), Vinnie Colaiuta (Frank Zappa, Sting), Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins), Danny Carey (Tool) and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

I love all genres of music, from modern rock to pop, to rap & hip-hop, to jazz, to country and even classical music. Check out my Last.FM Profile to see who are among my favorite artists.

Additional Abilities

I am also energized by the promotional aspect of a band/project. I have an extensive background in web/graphic design and enjoy applying it to my projects. I am also very experienced in social media technologies and how to promote a band and interact with fans. I also have experience in booking shows along the Front Range, as well as creating EPK’s and press kits. I have begun dabbling with video production as well, learning through recording drum covers. I also own an Audio Interface and drum mics and have the ability to record, largely for collaboration.

Current Status

I am looking to network with other musicians, especially other drummers. I would be happy to fill in as a sub for bands, especially jazz-based projects, as well as look for other musical opportunities.



Drum Cover – #41 by Dave Matthews Band
Drum Cover – “Locked Out Of Heaven” by Bruno Mars


NameGenreDetails / Involvement
Heart Medicine (formerly Amy and the Peace Pipes)
Piano RockDrummer for piano alternative rock band, performing originals and covers.
WiseAcres Jazz Band
Jazz, Big-BandDrummer for a 14-piece band. We also broke off and did smaller jazz combo gigs as well. I’m familiar with using the Real Book to play jazz standards.
Remington Street Jazz
JazzSit-in drummer for shows, playing jazz standards.
The Pamlico Sound
FunkLong-term sub drummer for 7-piece funk band playing originals and covers.
Ken and the Action Figures / Ken Stevens Trio (2010-2012)RockDrummer for singer/songwriter-based trio, performing originals and covers. Designed web site.
Classic-Infused RockDrummer for a 3-piece band that has played over 50 shows over the 4-year span.  Rehearsed 1x per week, played 1-2 shows per month. In addition, I built web site and designed promotional materials.
“Barn Yard Band”
Classic CountryDrumming for an annual volunteer school event in May.
Raymond Strikes Back
CoversDrummed for the cover band during various events.
Greenmont Doctors
Funk, Dancehall
The Croutones