What I Use

This page serves as a living document to catalog the things that I use in my tech life. I love trying out new tools and am always looking for ways to improve my workflow.

Last Updated 29, June 2023

OS and Enhancements

  • Windows 11 – I’ve used Windows all my life and run Dev Channel Insiders Builds
  • Windows PowerToys, especially the launcher (which replaced Wox), they have baked so many great tools into this solution. I love the color picker, which I use often.
  • AntRenamer – Easy file renaming
  • ARSClip – an incredible clipboard manager
  • Chocolatey manages most of my software installs and updates. I also use Winget, but prefer Chocolaty because of the upgrade all command
  • FFmpeg for all of my video converting, VLC for all my media viewing
  • HoneyView for viewing images quickly
  • Private Internet Access – PIA for my VPN
  • ScreenToGif is an awesome tool to make GIF’s. I use them to make my own memes, but also make GIF’s when I’m documenting processes at work.
  • ShareX for all of my screenshots
  • Windows Terminal

Backup Strategy

  • I have a Desktop PC that runs throughout the day and contains all of our photos and videos
  • I do use DropBox to copy images from my phone into the Camera Uploads folder, then copy them down to the Desktop’s local drives
  • I use FreeFileSync to make nightly backups of photos and videos to external drives (using a Scheduled Task that invokes a mirror through the command line).
  • I run BackBlaze for off-site backup for the photos
  • I also run Google Photos and Amazon’s Photos for redundancy, I pay $2.99 per month for Google storage to accommodate my photos
  • Microsoft OneDrive is what I use for my cloud storage. Paying $2 per month for 100 gigs is perfect for my needs (and a big reason why I don’t use Dropbox).

Development, Design, and Creativity Tools

Productivity and Collaboration

  • I heavily use OneNote for my day-to-day note-taking, as it’s easy to group and organize my different meetings and projects.
  • We use Microsoft Teams at work and I’m a big fan of the tool. My band uses Discord for all of our planning.
  • Freeplane for mind mapping
  • I use Grammarly in all of my writing, using the browser and application plugins.
  • Todoist has been my go-to for personal task management, I’ve stayed in the free tier. I use Trello to track band tasks
  • Brave is my browser, moving on from Firefox. I also use the Chromium-based Edge for work, keeping my professional and personal bookmarks/settings separate.
  • I use KeePassXC for my work-related password management, BitWarden as my password manager for everything else.

Mobile & Tablet

I’ve been using iOS devices since 2015, I was using Android from 2008-2015. I use far too many apps to list them all, but some gems I’d like to highlight include: