Housesitting Story

Long day, late night = short posting…  I just wanted to post a quick story about my trek to work this morning…

Keep in mind I’ve been house-sitting in Loveland since Thursday night…

So rewind to Saturday night.  Bethany and I went to my apartment (in the van) to unload my drum set and get some blankets and stuff for the drive-in.  As I walk out I pass my cardAccess badge and my pager that are on the table.  I leave them there thinking "I’ll be back sometime Sunday and will get it then."

Sunday comes, I feel especially lazy and decided to spend all day in Loveland.  It’s not until 11:45 on Sunday night when I realize "Oh crap!  I left my badge and pager on the table!"  This leaves me in an interesting position.  My office is located on the VERY south-east part of Fort Collins, I’m on the northwest part of Loveland (which is south of work), and my apartment is on the NORTHwest part of Fort Collins.  So for me to go from my parent’s 25 minutes north to my apt, then another 20 minutes to work would be impractical to say the last.

"No worries" I thought, "I’ll just drive home in the morning, work from home until lunch (I had a lunch appt with a few friends on the north part of FC), then I’ll drive to work in the afternoon".

BRILLIANT!  So I head out up to my apartment in my sister’s Mazda.  I get all the way to Horsetooth (which is about 15 minutes of the 25 minute drive) when I realize "OH CRAP!  My housekeys are STILL IN THE VAN!" Argggh, so I turn the car around, drive all the way back down to Loveland, get the keys, then drive all the way back to my apartment and barely make it in time for my 10am meeting.  Ugh… Nice day of driving.

Hopefully tomorrow’s commute will be a bit easier.  I’m going straight to the office.  I have my apartment keys, my cardAccess badge and my pager.  Hopefully I didn’t forget anything… lol