Late Night

6:38am Baby!!!! And I am now going to bed!  I had A BLAST tonight for my birthday!  Had a nice poker party where many of my awesome friends came – Joel, Emily, Leanne, Michael, and of course my sweetie Bethany   …  We ended up having 14 people over in my little apartment!  It was so much fun!  I took some pictures too and will post them later on today!

Everyone pretty much went home around 2am, then a few of us stayed and watched Team America, lol…  Then got in this engaging discussion on global terrorism and foreign policy that lasted until 5:30… Then Joel and I figured we’ve been up this late, might as well knock out a bit of Madden..  Freakin’ Joel beat me 35-32.. Arghhh…

But now it is time for bed, we’re going to go see Batman Begins.