Week of Countdowns

This week is a week of countdowns…

2 days 3 hours until NFL Season kicks off, Raidah’s at the Patriots on Thursday, then it’s the first of 17 NFL Sundays   4 hours until my first Fantasy Draft  I am a football fiend, as well as an addict.  Today, as I was organizing my draft cheatsheet and all of my web links, I took a moment to count all of the football-related games/activities I am participating in:

  • Fantasy Football League on Yahoo (one of my primary involvements)
  • The Balderrama Family Football pool (another primary involvement)
  • ESPN Fantasy Football (playing in my cousin’s league)
  • 950 the Fan’s Football Pick’Em (radio station’s game)
  • HBO’s Inside the NFL: Beat the Hosts
  • Yahoo Survival Football

Geez!  You’d think with all of these games, I’d have a ton of free time on my hands!!  In all actuality the Pools & Pick’Em’s are all the same.  I make the same picks for 3 of the games.  The Fantasy games basically play themselves out, maybe you spend 10-15 minutes during the entire week on each team.  Then the Survival Football only requires me to pick one time that’s sure to win for that week, so that doesn’t take much time at all.

But I’m also counting down to the first home game of the season!  Broncos won’t be playing at home until next Sunday, but I am so looking forward to the energy of being at the games, screaming as loud as I can, enjoying a beer and just having a good time.  To the right is a picture at a game from last year with Kristi, a good friend of mine.

Also the other big countdown of this week approximately 72 hours until Dave Matthews Band Night 1!! I am so pumped to be heading down to Red Rocks, do some tailgating and seeing some great shows with my sister and Bethany for the next few days.  I’m really anxious to see what songs they’re going to play, how different the set lists will be from each night, and to be partying with all of the people who traveled across the country for these concerts.

Mission for the week: I need to find a disposable camera that does not have a flash, and will take good pictures in a night-time concert.  Any suggestions?