Busy October Weekend

Another busy week down, another week gone by with virtually no posts…  This last week has been an attempt to plan and schedule my time effectively, fail at doing so, then just putting out fires that need to be put out.  I had a few big deadlines at work that needed to be met, and I was lucky to get them in under the wire.  So with that, I had a very nice and relaxing weekend, and a few "Weekend Warrior" stories to share…

Friday Night – The Fritzler Maize – For those of you who don’t live in Colorado (or any other areas where corn-growing is prevalent), you probably don’t know about Corn Maze’s.  Essentially, it’s all in the title, an entire maze, made up from a corn field.  Oftentimes the maze is created with a special design that can be viewed from an aerial view (this year’s design were pictures of Ray Charles & Elvis).  During the day it’s a very interesting experience, at night it can get downright scary (think of the movie Signs).  Throw in a bunch of people going through the maze dressing in black, wearing masks, then essentially having a Haunted House in the middle of the maze, it turns into a night of Halloween entertainment.

The key to going to a Corn Maze is to go with people who get scared very easily (especially if you’re someone who really doesn’t get scared).  Part of the fun is watching them scream at every turn, squeezing your hand, and then watching them get freaked out when you ditch them in the maze.  In our group of 5, two people fill the role very nicely and made it funnier.  The actual haunted part was pretty neat, they had a haunted school bus, this big circular tunnel that made you dizzy, and of course, lumpy ground with a chainsaw guy running after you.

Something interesting/weird that happened that evening.  As we were going through the haunted part of the maze, Shannon realized that she no longer had her cell phone.  We then began to go back in an attempt to retrace our steps (not at all easy to do in a maze) and try to see if we could find it .  We also started calling it over and over again, hoping that it would ring/glow.  Then after our third attempt to call the phone, someone picked it up.  Michael (who was on the phone) started asking him questions to see if there was a place he could drop the phone off, or perhaps meet him.  Then the next thing we realized is that the guy on the phone was on the other side of the corn hedge talking to us.  Shannon really lucked out, I didn’t think she was going to get her phone back (at least not that night anyway).

Overall, not a bad way to spend a Friday night in October.

Saturday was a relaxing day for the most part.  I got to sleep in, play some Madden, and enjoy a peaceful afternoon before church.  I did manage to get one productive thing in – working on my T-shirt design idea.  I’m trying to do this play off from the iPod commercials.  Let me know what you think…

Saturday night Bethany and I went out to dinner and saw Flightplan.  It didn’t really live up to any of the hype.  Basically the whole movie ended up on the plane, and if you’ve seen one airplane movie you’ve seen them all.  The plot wasn’t very complex, and you spent the last half of the movie saying “Get to the point already!”.  The only cool thing about the movie was getting to see the new double-decker plane.  It looks really sweet!

Another Sunday, another day of football – I love Sundays in the fall.  Matt, Amanda joined Bethany and I as we went to Wild Buffalo Wings to watch the Broncos game.  We are all such Fantasy Football junkies that I brought my laptop and we were taking advantage of the free wireless over at Wild Buffalo, hence the random posting yesterday from the bar.   I love going to the bar to watch football games.  It’s so neat to watch everyone get excited when something big happened in the Broncos game, but it made losing all the more worse.  When Toomer caught that last touchdown with 5 seconds to go, people just filed out of the bar in droves.  It was most depressing…

So those are my “weekend warrior” stories, ready to kick off another busy week!