Meeting Location Resolution

Sorry for the few days delay…  This was a really good, but busy weekend, which I’m anxious to share, but I wanted to give an update on the clubhouse situation…

Well the good news: I got a space for our retreat, getting a clubhouse.

The bad news: I have lost virtually all amount of confidence in our property management’s ability to resolve situations.

On Wednesday I stayed up until 1am writing this letter, delivering it in the drop box first thing Thursday morning.  Their office hours are 1-5pm, so I knew they wouldn’t get the letter until 1pm, but I was hopeful that they were busy working on my issue all afternoon.   I drop by the office at 4pm to talk about my issue, there was a different lady in there (3rd person in 3 days) and she didn’t even check the mail yet!  She opens it while I’m there and is reading it.  The first thing she says is "What do you want me to do?  I didn’t make the reservation or took the call."  – Great customer service!  Then she tells that I need to get this letter to Pam, because she’s our HOA coordinator.  So I get in my car and go to the office (which is half-way across town), go into the Property Management building, and ask the receptionist to go get Pam.  I wait in the lobby, and Pam comes out…

…and turns out to be the lady that (didn’t) help me Wednesday!  "Great", I thought, this is going to solve my problem.".  I then begin to talk to her about my issue (still in the middle of the lobby), and she basically says there’s nothing she can do.  Then she proceeds into this dog and pony show, strutting out the gal who originally took my call.  In the beginning they were hesitant to even accept responsibility.  The blamed me for not having my name & unit #, but I reminded them that they didn’t ask for it, and because I identified myself at the beginning of the call I wasn’t concerned when I hung up the phone.

Then Pam disappeared.  I thought she went off to go talk to her boss about what she could do help, but now I think she left to go hide under her desk, because she didn’t come back out while I was there.  When she left, it was the receptionist that helped me, asking if I was willing to go to another clubhouse.  When I told her I’d be open to it, she was the one that booked the space for me, set me up with the deposit and took care of everything.  Ultimately the girl who took the phone call apologized, and I left there satisfied that things would go well.  However, I’ve lost a lot of confidence in our HOA coordinator.  This is the person who we’re supposed to be escalating our issues with our complex, and she can’t even deal with a scheduling screw-up on their end…  Give me a break!