Philadelphia Greetings – Does the Goat Go?

I got into Philly safely this morning. The over-night flight was a bit hard, but much better than my original 6am flight (meaning that I would have to leave my house at 3am). I rolled into the place that I am staying (coincidentally called "Jeremy House") at 6am and after a bit of location confusion, I managed to get in and get some sleep… I am partially rested this morning, but am ready for a few long days of good meetings, hard work and fun times.

For those who don’t live close to me or haven’t seen me in the last few weeks, you may be surprised to know that I shaved my goatee after the Broncos loss last weekend. After 5+ years of having the goatee, it’s been a bit of adjustment for both myself and people around me. To top it off I also cut my hair pretty short last weekend (it’s been growing pretty long for almost three months), so it’s been a bit of a change.

Right now the jury is still out about whether or not I keep. I have committed to keeping myself clean-shaven at least until the Super Bowl, but right now I’m leaning to going a bit longer.

What triggered this thought was last night on the plane when I ordered my drink. My drink of choice in the error is a tomato juice, but with the goatee I used to cringe whenever drinking it. The juice is so thick that more ends up on the goatee than in my mouth, and the little cocktail napkin they give you does no good… But last night was a completely different story – I barely had to use the napkin at all! It was awesome!

Which leads me to want to create a Pro’s & Cons list about not having goatee and being clean shaven:


  • Don’t have to worry about trimming it and getting all shaggy
  • No random hair ends up in the mouth
  • Easier to kiss with a smooth face (I think Bethany appreciates it too)
  • People say I look younger
  • Orange juice with pulp is drinkable
  • The little cocktail napkin on the plane is enough for the tomato juice


  • The shape of my face has lost definition – it feels rounder
  • I can no longer stroke the goatee when pondering things

Does anyone else have any pro’s or con’s? I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. I’ll post a picture of myself later on…

I’ll also break out the camera later today to show you some pictures of Philly. We’re not going to see much in terms of sights, but the places we’re staying and meeting at are beautiful!