Packers QB Favre plans to play despite pinched nerve

"Digg Story: Despite still feeling the effects of a possible slight concussion and pinched nerve in his neck, Brett Favre expects to play Sunday against St. Louis."

I know that people think Favre’s a gamer and this is a demonstration of his toughness, but would it kill that guy to sit out a game? I know he has the "consecutive start" record that he wants to preserve, but wouldn’t it be better for the team for him to sit out, then he can rest up so he can make a big difference for the rest of the season?

This is what bugs me about his record: in the early 2000’s he played a ton of games with a royally messed up thumb, which is arguably attributed to a lot of their struggles. Health-wise, is a 60-70% Favre better for the Packers than a 100% Rogers?

I realize that this year the Packers likely won’t make the playoffs and a healthy Favre probably won’t make the difference in games, but it feels like Favre is putting himself ahead of the team at this point.

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