Bum rush the charts today – stick it to the RIAA

If you have $1 sitting around and would like it to go to a good cause, as well as offer a hand gesture to the RIAA, be sure to check out BumRushTheCharts.blogspot.com.  The hope is to have many people buy “Mine Again” by Black Lab off of iTunes today, sending that song into the “top tracks” listing.  These guys got screwed by the major labels twice, and have a good story to tell on why it’s not always best to get a record deal.  It’s also a good statement to make against the RIAA: promoting music through viral marketing and podcasts, rather than just eating the crappy music they shove down our throats.

The song is actually really good, and the proceeds go to a scholarship fund.  Instead of using the $1 to buy a candy bar, go to iTunes and buy this song today!  Buy the song now.