Elway should come back?

I came across an article through the ESPN Hashmarks blog (a great NFL blog by the way) about a column that appears in the Denver Post by Woody Paige.  What page suggests is that Elway comes back in training camp, not to throw on the #7 jersey, but rather just to serve as a mentoring presence to Quarterback Jay Cutler.

Usually when I read a Woody Paige column I scratch my head half the time, but after a little head-scratching, this doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea, especially when the most seasoned QB in the clubhouse is Patrick Ramsey (I was originally hoping we could have gotten Drew Bledsoe or Brad Johnson to back-up Cutler – someone with more experience).

It would be great to see John come back and serve Broncos Country: part-coach/part-mentor for training camp.

Check out the column