Predicting wins – too much optimism without reality

You have to love seeing the dawn of football season on the horizon.  I’m especially excited about my Broncos, who have made a lot of great off-season moves.  Training camps are about a month away, and at this point each team is filled with optimism about their chances.  Unfortunately optimism can only go so far, giving way to reality.

I can across a story that made me bust out laughing – Detroit Lions QB Jon Kitna has predicted 10 wins for the Lions.  This, being a team that only won 3 games last year (and playing in a bad division at that), and hasn’t won more than 9 games since 1995 – where were you in ’95 (I was stil in middle school)?  Hey good luck to the Lions, but I’m not going to be putting a lot of stock into Jon Kitna’s optimism.  The Lions are the Lions.

The main reason I wanted to mention this is because it gives me the opportunity to reinforce the notion that Jon Kitna and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan are the same person:

Corgan Kitna

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so