The latest mascot to hate – Steely McBeam

Meet the Steelers new mascot who they “named” yesterday: Steely McBeam.


Are you freaking kidding me?  Out of 70,000 names that were submitted, that was the best name you could come up with?  Ok, the name may be a little creative (although I do think it’s a cop-out to put “Mc” in front of someone’s last name), but the reason this is lame is because it’s another mascot.

Argh mascots – the only thing worse than a mascot is a mime.  Just what we need: another goof in a costume walking around the sidelines, blocking everyone’s view and annoying everybody.

I understand mascots in basketball: there’s a lot of breaks in the action and it’s easy to get the mascot on the court for some quick entertainment.  I understand mascots in baseball: the game gets pretty boring and you need something to show your kids.  But football?!?  There’s already too many things going on at games, and any break in the action is already pumped full of some commercialistic attempt to snag your attention. Mascots don’t belong in the NFL. 

A few years back the Broncos introduced Miles and he’s been ruining games ever since.  Welcome Steeler fan, to the new miserable experience.  The guy to the right of the mascot in the picture looks like he’s already there: he looks like he’s trying not to be sick with the realization of the lameness of mascots.