NFL Network screws us all

If my pictures or constant posts on football didn’t give it away, it’s obvious that I consume the NFL (or more like the NFL consumes me).  I wear my Broncos colors every Sunday, and over the years have 4 different jerseys.  I spend a hefty amount of money for season tickets, and spend even more money tailgating and getting various Broncos items to  show my fan pride.  I even just put a Broncos license plate on my car last month.  On Sundays I live and breath the NFL and gladly accept whatever they put in front of me.  Despite all of that, there’s no way I can get with them on this NFL Network debacle.

I’m sorry but I can’t relate to the battle between the multi-billion-dollar NFL and the multi-billion-dollar Cable Companies to see who can squeeze the other one for more money.  I’m on the NFL email lists at least twice over, and over the last few months I’ve received various emails from them asking me to lobby the FCC demanding to force cable companies to accept the NFL network – as if it’s some noble cause.

Look, I’m all for government advocacy and democratic participation, but fighting for the NFL Network is one of the least worthwhile causes in this country.  Do your own dirty work NFL.  Don’t pretend that you’re an innocent victim.  They’ve attempted to create leverage by putting these live games on their network, and now coincidently one game happens to be a marquee matchup and now a great deal of NFL fans won’t be able to see the game.  To make matters worse, the NFL responds by giving people a half-assed solution by offering updates on-line.

I realize that the NFL is a business, but can the NFL do any more to spit in the faces of their fans, the consumers of their product.  They’re straddling the line between creating a high demand and breeding resentment amongst your fans – the very people who’ve brought you the success you’ve enjoyed.