Yet another way to screw up movie reflections

I was well on my way to writing my movie reflections for Quiz Show, gathering up all of the readings and answering the discussion questions.  I then realized that the readings I had in the book didn’t match up to what those readings were.  Being the bad Catholic I am, I didn’t realize that we are in Lectionary Cycle A and NOT Cycle C.  But I was using the book from Cycle C… Crap…

So basically I’ve found yet another way to screw up these lent movie reflections.  I’m pretty bummed because I had all of the movies queued up and on my way to my house, and obviously I had already done Quiz Show.  Argh.

I do have the Lectionary A book, but I don’t have it with me.  Being this far behind and making such a stupid mistake, I’m going to cut my losses on the first two weeks.  I’ll pick it up tomorrow and start at the 3rd Sunday of Lent in the right movie cycle.  I’ll push out a new movie list as well.  Argh.

By the way, that means I’m using a different book, the Cycle A version.