Broncos schedule released

If you’re an NFL junkie like me, you probably realize that today the NFL finally released their schedule for next year. The Broncos schedule can be found on their site.

The reception has been pretty decent as I read the blog. Mile High Report puts it best:

It looks pretty good; good time for the bye, not too many long roadtrips, KC at Arrowhead NOT in December, no “murderer’s rows” of tough opponents:

However, there’s one thing I’d like to add – NO HOME PRIME-TIME GAMES. I’m a little mixed about that. On one hand I love going to football games at night, experiencing the lights and knowing that you’re on national TV. On the other hand, you basically get no opportunity to tailgate (especially if it’s on a week night), the weeknight people working there are usually backups and things are slow from buses to concession stands, and the drive home late at night is a big pain.

The Broncos will still be on 3 times in prime-time – all away games. However, there’s no Sunday Night Football, unless flex-scheduling later in the season changes that. I think this may reflect the fact that the Broncos haven’t made the playoffs in 2 years, and many are predicting another tough year for the orange and blue. Let’s hope the network hacks are wrong.

Off to the closing now, wish me luck!