Mile High Music Festival Greetings

Hello from Commerce City, Colorado (which is pretty much Denver)!  I’m back at the hotel after Day 1 of the Mile High Music Festival.  I’m a bit zapped from being out in the sun all day, but I wanted to offer a few random thoughts from the festival:

  • Holy crap! You can bring lawn chairs in? I am so glad that we packed them, they were awesome today!
  • There was absolutely no tailgating possible, or at least by the time we got there (3pm) everyone had cleared out
  • The beer attendants weren’t doing that great of a job checking ID’s initially, but they must have gotten the memo later in the evening.
  • O.A.R. rules, so does Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • Tom Petty was really cool, but I was ready to go home early
  • Commerce City has a lot to learn about running a festival & traffic control, because of them our taxi cab fare tripled.
  • The Dick’s Sporting Goods Park is a very nice venue. They opened up the inside of the stadium and it turned out to be the best kept secret of the whole Festival. We had access to working bathrooms and nice shade.
  • $8 for a beer? You’ve got to be kidding

I was hoping to post a few pictures, but my camera card reader is in the car. Hopefully I can post some before I go back tomorrow.  Sunday I get to see Flogging Molly, the Flobots, The Roots & Dave Matthews Band!

Are you at the festival? Hit me up on Twitter!