Thank you, Rod!


Today one of the greatest players to ever wear a Broncos uniform has retired.  After giving his heart for over 12 years, his body just couldn’t take it anymore and forced Rod to sit out the full season last year.  After two hip operations, Rod had no choice but to call it a career.

Thank you Rod, for everything that made you great.  You embodied perseverance, from starting out as an undrafted free agent, being signed to the practice squad and ultimately becoming a valued member of the receiving corp, ultimately becoming the leading wide receiver through Broncos history.

Despite all of the success you’ve attained – the records, the Super Bowl rings – he’s remained humble.  At an age of flamboyant receivers such as T.O. and Chad Johnson, Rod arguably contributed more to your team than either of those guys, yet remained humble.  In a strange way it seems fitting that your retirement received very little coverage outside of Broncos Country.  You won’t get the media love-fest that Favre’s retirement had, but you’re going out classy nonetheless.

I heard that Smith is being offered a TBD role in the Broncos organization, I hope he sticks around the team for a long time to come.  We’d be lucky to have him.