A Pat? Say it ain’t so John Lynch!

This is a few days old, but still noteworthy nonetheless.  A few weeks back I was saddened to hear that John Lynch asked for his release from the Broncos at the start of training camp, seeking a team where he could play a full-time role. Things remained quiet for a few weeks, but the news broke: The New England Patriots signed John Lynch.

John Lynch... Now a Patriot

As a Lynch fan, I’m happy he’s still playing in the NFL. He’s an amazing player, and nothing will take that away from him.  As a Broncos fan, I’m definitely disappointed and actually feel a little betrayed by John.

When the story of Lynch’s release request broke, it was said he left because the Broncos weren’t playing him full time:

From ESPN:

“[T]wo sources close to the situation said, because he is unhappy with his role. He has been working with the first-team defense in the first week of training camp but not in nickel and dime defensive packages. He has admitted that not playing significantly bothered him.”

I definitely could respect that, except for the analysis that came out about Lynch’s signing.

From John Clayton’s blog on ESPN:

“Lynch can fit into packages that would allow him to play 10, 15 or 20 plays a game. Belichick is the best at figuring out ways to use veterans and not wear them out. He did the same with Junior Seau, who enjoyed his Patriots experience so much that he’d love to come back.”

So Lynch left Denver because he was unhappy about not playing full-time in nickel and dime packages, and goes to a team that will play him 20 plays a game?  The knee-jerk in me wants to think that this was a hypocritical move and can’t help but feel a little betrayed.

At the same time, it very may well have been that Lynch watched the phone for full-time starter jobs and when it wasn’t ringing, decided to pursue other options.  I’m also a realist, and understand that the Patriots have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl next weekend than the Broncos do – but this isn’t Junior Seau: Lynch has a Super Bowl ring with Tampa Bay.  I didn’t want to see John Lynch go to a bottom-feeder team just to be able to start, but I hate to see him in a Patriot’s jersey. The only thing that would be worse would be Lynch in Raider Silver & Black.

Selfishly, I’m torn about what to do about my Lynch jersey.  He’s still an active player and I want to support him as the player, but I would also like to wear the jersey of a current Bronco if I can help it. I have no idea what I’m going to do.