Honeymoon Day 4: We finally made it!

With the first Las Vegas leg of our trip done, we grew more excited about Hawaii.  First was the matter of getting there, a grueling series of flights that had us leaving Vegas at 2:30am, and arriving in Kauai at 7:30am (spending 2 extra hours in the air).  These over-night flights always look good when you book them, but when it comes to arriving at the airport, waiting to board, and trying to sleep in an uncomfortable plane, you wonder if the schedule was worth it.  Bethany begs to differ, as she is glad we have two extra days in Hawaii. With as beautiful as things are out here, I’m losing this disagreement.

This flight wasn’t long""

it’s simply amazing how green everything is out here.  The weather is perfect, a little warm, but accompanied with a nice sea breeze.  We’re reveling in the experience of driving in Hawaii in a convertible, but it’s astonishing that every road here is the size of a Colorado back road. 

Driving through Kauai.

Our car rental shuttle driver recommended a place called “Dani’s” for breakfast.  Equipped with our sun hats and lei’s (from our lovely lei greeting), we were definitely the only tourists in there.  The food was a great value, and we were on our way to explore Kauai.

Driving in the convertible.

We scoped out our hotel location, but were far too early to check in.  We then did some shopping on the South Shore.  We found some really cute stores and had our first bout with Lappert’s Ice Cream (the first of many, we suspect).  We also found a cute store and got our sport bands (cheaper wedding bands that we can use while swimming and other sporting activities. Remember when Olympic Volleyball player Kerri Walsh lost her wedding ring?) that were perfect fits.  We were growing pretty tired from our sleep-deprived flight, so we pulled into the nearest beach under a tree and caught a nap in the convertible.
Lappert’s Ice Cream. 

We had lunch at the BBQ Inn, which ironically did not have very much BBQ – but good food nonetheless.  We then went to hotspot of commerce called K-Mart to pick up needed groceries and supplies for the week. Living in Colorado, it’s always baffling to walk down an aisle filled with hard liquor.

We’re staying at the Point at Poipu Resort, with a beautiful room that overlooks the Hot Tub, backing right up to a breathtaking ocean scenery.  We took much-needed showers and prepared for our dinner at the Beach House.

The experience at the Beach House can be best summarized with these pictures (from our table I might add):



As the crazy honeymooners that we are, we crashed at 9:15pm and slept until nearly 11:00am the next day.  That overnight flight didn’t take its toll on us at all.

Next Up: A day rest & relaxation, topped off with a luau.