Our Honeymoon: Day 5 – Rest, Relaxation and a Luau!

The overnight flight took its toll on us, resulting in us sleeping in until 11am.  With half the day slept away, we decided to spent the rest of it in relaxation.  We made our way to the beach close by and did  a little bit of boogie boarding.  We quickly got hungry for lunch and came back to the pool-side grill at the resort and had a few burgers.  Maintaining our low profile, we went back to the hot tub close to our room and laid out in the sun.


The late afternoon rolled around and we made our way over to the Hyatt (a rather pleasant walk down the coast-line) to check into our Luau.


We sat next to a couple that was out in Hawaii celebrating their anniversary and commenced consuming great music and Mai Tai’s.  For those that don’t know, a Luau is basically a party, filled with good food, drinking and dancing.  The Luau we participated in offered all-you-can eat & drink, and we definitely took advantage of that.


We of course had the slow-cooked pig, but also there were other great meats and fish, as well as many other great foods.  We once again repeated our honeymoon habit of eating far too much, but had some great entertainment while we digested.



The Luau also featured an amazing fire dancer:


We have many more pictures and even a short video from the Luau, but will post them when we have the bandwidth to post to Flickr.

At the end of the evening (and several Mai Tai’s later) we stumbled our way back to our resort and enjoyed a relaxing movie in our room.

Next Up: A day at the Waimea Canyon, and a fabulous dinner