Gizmodo: Don’t Get Review Unit, Drop F-Bomb

Nice playbook move guys.  Looks like Gizmodo (a gadget blog), didn’t get a review unit of Blackberry Storm 2.  Their journalistic response: tell their readers that RIM thinks they’re mother F-bomb’s.

Look, I get that you’re pissed that you didn’t get a review unit, but airing out your dirty laundry in this manner for all to see is not the way to fix this.  I’m fine with them pointing it out and acknowledging that they didn’t get a review unit while other publications did – but to throw a tantrum like this is just classless and pretty much demonstrates why companies like RIM may be leery about giving you a review device.

This isn’t the first time Gizmodo’s acted like children.  Last year they took some universal remotes to CES and randomly turned off TV’s.  It looks like some things never change. Stay classy guys.