NaBloWriMo – Already my miserable failure

October is here, and with it is my participation in NaBloWriMo, a month where bloggers commit to blogging at least once per day throughout the whole month.  I did it last year and was very successful at it, putting together 36 blog posts in October.  I always have these great ideas that should become good blog posts, but usually being busy (or being lazy) gets in the way.  With that in mind, I was looking forward to NoBloWriMo to re-ignite the blogging spark…

…and of course October 1st goes by and I’ve already failed at posting for that day.

I do have a good excuse (at least for me) for not blogging on Friday.  After putting in a full day of work, I spent the afternoon helping my wife get our house ready to host some good friends over for a game night – and I’ll never trade in good experiences with my friends for anything, thus no blogging.  Besides, by the time we finished with game night, it was already October 2nd.

So here is my first post for October 2nd: explaining why I missed October 1st’s post.  If I keep this pattern up of explaining my blogging delinquencies, I’ll have 31 posts before I know it – by November 2nd.