My 6th blog-iversity

When the weather starts warming up and the flowers start blooming I’m reminded once again that my blog-iversity – the anniversary of starting my blog.  It was actually this night back in 2005 when I drove home and decided to start a Xanga blog.  I thought it would be a good opportunity to post more of a personal diary in a semi-anonymous fashion.  It was soon apparent that I didn’t have the anonymity that I thought I had and over the years my blog morphed into a  personal column that I haven’t been as good about updating lately.

It’s crazy looking over the 660+ posts and realizing just how much things have changed.  When I started blogging, I hadn’t yet met my wife, and I wasn’t drumming with any bands at the time, and I was living in my apartment close to campus.  Now I have been married to my lovely wife for nearly two years, am doing two different bands and various music projects and we live in our beautiful house with Logan our Kitteh.  At the same time, I’m grateful for things that have stayed the same throughout my blogging tenure: I have been employed in a great job and am fortunate to have my health (also weighing less than when I first started blogging is never a bad thing either).

Thank you for continually coming back when I seldom post and for offering your support and your comments.  I hope that I enter into the 7th year of blogging, that I do a better job of keeping this updated.  If you have any ideas for topics, feel free to offer them! I’m just happy to ramble!