I bought an iPad.

Earlier this summer, I bought and iPad, then proceeded to start to write a thousand words about how I did it and why it was a big deal. This post has been sitting in my drafts for pretty much the entire summer and has served as the single biggest mental block to me posting anything, so for my sake (and to spare you from reading it), I’m scrapping here.

Here’s the gist:

  • I was a HUGE Android guy and hated Apple.
  • Over the years the OS’s have more or less coalesced into pretty much the same hardware and software feature set, removing most of the major reasons I was opposed to iOS devices.
  • I bought the iPad because it’s the best tablet on the market and wanted to see if I could live in an iOS ecosystem without pulling my hair out.
  • I still have hair.
  • There are things that do drive me nuts about iOS (which I’ll detail in upcoming posts), but for the most part I don’t hate it and will plan on buying an iPhone 6s this fall.

Let’s move on.