Closing Chapters

Today marks a significant date in the story of my life, as it closes one of the best and most momentous chapters, with a bookend that has been the darkest and most challenging period in my life.

Today my divorce has been finalized.

This wasn’t something I ever imagined, and frankly was the last thing I wanted. However, I painfully have learned that while two people choose to get married, it only takes one person to want a divorce. These last few months have been a struggle, filled with grief, I have nothing but compassion and tenderness for those who have endured a similar experience.

Now begins my next chapter, one of adjustment, growth, and perseverance. My daughters and I are ok. Some of our days are still hard, filled with resurfacing stages of grief, triggered by the most unassuming – those days are difficult. Lately, however, the number and consistency of good days are increasing. I’ve been putting effort where I can: my physical and mental health, as well as loving my children relentlessly, and learning to give myself grace and love.

I’m healing, and am eternally grateful to all the family and friends that have journeyed with me during this difficult time. As my next chapter begins, I’m blessed to have you amidst its pages.