Laps for Learning 2022 – can you help?

It’s crazy to believe we’re already two months into the school year. Clara and Mariana are doing awesome at their schools and are getting ready to participate in their annual fund-raiser: Laps for Learning. On Thursday, Oct 13, they will be running laps around their schools and are looking for family and friends to sponsor them. Could you spare a few dollars?

100% of ALL proceeds earned will stay within our local school system, and this is their ONLY large-scale fundraiser for the year. The event takes place on Thursday, Oct 13, but you have until October 15 to give!

Use the links below, or you can reach out to me at jeromey [at] if you want to arrange another way to donate.

Sadly, they have been resistant to making an appeals video, so I will need to lean on videos we’ve made in the past:

Thank you for your generosity!