New GigPoster: Amy’s Birthday Bash

Last week Amy and the Peace Pipes played at Surfside 7 (which has become one of our favorite venues) for Amy’s Birthday Bash. We had a great lineup with Wolfer and The Happy Dapples.  Since this show was being pitched as a birthday bash, I wanted the gig poster to feature Amy a little more than usual, ending up with this result:

Girls Rock! (Gig Poster)

Just wanted to share out my latest gig poster design for the recent showcase that Amy and the Peace Pipes took part in at the Downtown Artery.


One of our goals for this show was to stress that this was a showcase of all three bands, rather than having a headline with supporting acts, so I tried to keep all of the image sizes relatively equal (also working on constraint with the images that I was given).

As you can see there was also a significant amount of information that I had to include in the poster, so I was a bit worried that I may have made things too busy.  Overall I’m pretty pleased with the poster, especially when considering I also had to rush the design a bit.  I’m already looking forward to playing with some more original artwork for the next gig poster.

New Gig Poster Design: Swing Station w/ Aires Attic

New Gig Poster Design: Swing Station w/ Aires Attic

My band, Amy and the Peace Pipes are kicking off an exciting season of shows with our first show at Swing Station, playing with Aires Attic. I really wanted to get away from posting the band photos straight-up and go with something that would portray a more artistic side of the two genres.  Since our pairing is a little different, I thought the design could really showcase that.


Most of this gig-poster is based on a Photo to Color Sketch Tutorial that I’ve been meaning to use.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, especially with Amy and the Peace Pipes (the Aires Attic photo was already in Black & White, so I applied some color tine to the sketch effect.

New Greenfoot Gig Posters

Today I put the finishing touches on the new gig posters for our Greenfoot show coming up next week at Chipper’s Lanes.  This is our second time playing at the bowling ally, and with as much fun as we had last time, we’re really looking forward to it.  I also had a lot of fun putting together the gig poster from last time, so I used a lot of elements from the previous poster to create these new posters and made a series of them:


poster-20091029-1_sm poster-20091029-2_sm

Aside from the obvious changes of the text, I made some minor changes to the foot on the bowling ball, trying to make it look more realistic.  I also added a slight curve to the our URL and add the depth to it.  I then focused my attention on the images of each of us and imposing them onto the lanes.  I would be anxious to hear any thoughts or feedback that you may have.

Also if you’re in Fort Collins and are free on Thurdsay, Oct 29, come out and check us out at Chippers Lanes!

New Greenfoot Gigposter – Signatures Night Club

I know what you’re thinking (especially at 11pm on Friday night), if I was already going to break my daily blogging commitment.  Well fear not, faithful reader.  I was crafting a longer post regarding sports commentators, but I’ll make that Saturday’s post.  My wife and I left immediately after work to Copper Mountain, here for my brother-in-law’s wedding reception.

Aside from the travel and family time, here is what was keeping me from blogging this evening – a new Gig Poster for Greenfoot’s show at Signature’s Night Club next weekend:


I decided to go with something that looked a little more simplistic, yet attempting to be eye catching.  The specs of black and white on Jake’s shirt and guitar are meant to be more abstract rather than me not coloring them in.

Yes, I realize that I’m not in the poster. Aside from my hesitance to have my face plastered across Denver, I thought that vectoring the drum set would have added too much noise to the poster.  I would definitely welcome any feedback!

Hey, if you’re in the Denver area and would like to spend an evening listening to great music, come out and check out my band on Saturday!  Get all of the details here.