Way to be on the map

Yesterday we were all captivated by the story of “Balloon Boy”, and while we were down here in Texas we found it crazy that all of this was taking place in our home town of Fort Collins.  When they found the boy safe and sound, I was relieved as everyone else was.  Then you see some of the initial interviews and back-story regarding the family, and the deeper you dig, the shadier this has become.  It just feels like the parents are on their 14:59 of their perceived fame and are trying to hit the snooze button and extend their window.

Unable to resist the publicity, in comes these two gems from CNN:

Which prompts this classic response from the father (that’s sound you hear is frantic back-pedaling)

Definitely more of this story to be told.  All this time I’m thinking “THIS is the way our city needs to be placed on the map?”.  Fantastic.