New Drum Cover–Blood On The Leaves

A few weeks ago I posted my second drum cover to YouTube, but neglected to post it here.

I particularly had a lot of fun with this cover, as it gave me the opportunity to come up with my own interpretation.  I also played around with some additional camera angles, but I’m wondering if all the angles started to get annoying (especially when one of them was just a blown up standard-def angle).

I’ve also learned some painful lessons about the Copyright assertions that the record companies can exert over my video.  After uploading it, much to my dismay I realized that my video can’t be played on mobile devices, tablets or Xbox.  Like my first video, I posted it to Facebook, and I believe that the lack of mobile availability has really hampered the number of views – I guess “mission accomplished” if you’re the record company, trying to prevent views.

I’m still learning the ropes with this “drum cover” effort, so any feedback is definitely welcomed!