Reflections on Hermans

In my previous post I alluded to Greenfoot’s show at Herman’s Hideaway on Wednesday.  For those who don’t live in Denver (or simply may not know) Herman’s has the reputation for being one of the area’s premier venues for live, local music in the state.  We were definitely excited about playing there, even if it was on the “New Music Night”.

Herman’s is definitely a nice venue for live music. It has a nice big stage, and has a pretty nice size and layout.  However, I personally like venues like Buffalo Rose and The D-Note better.

Musically we ended up playing pretty well.  We played a show at 2 Doors Down the weekend before, which turned out to be an awesome show.  We couldn’t help but come off a bit of a musical hangover from the previous show, Wednesday night couldn’t complete.  Part of it is that I had a hard time adjusting to the house drumset. 

Also during our set we were interrupted with the sound guy removing an amp stand that we were using, right in the middle of our show.  It was pretty damn unprofessional: first off to use another band’s gear as “house” equipment is pretty crappy (either it’s “house” equipment or it’s not), and to do it in the middle of our set doesn’t show much respect for us on stage.

One other things about Herman’s frustrated us.  One of the ways they gage a band’s success is by giving tickets to the bands, then counting the tickets that bands bring in.  They distribute these tickets to bands – some discount, some comp tickets – and encourage the bands to distribute them.  The tickets we got were comp tickets, which we assumed were “complimentary”. Apparently “comp” means something else at Herman’s, because fans that showed up with these tickets were charged $2 to come in.  Making matters worse, our band didn’t get any of that money, meaning Herman’s pocketed it.  Call it a miscommunication or getting ripped off, but the people who came to see us got screwed.

I don’t write this post to rip on the venue, and Greenfoot definitely wouldn’t turn down a venue, especially as popular as Herman’s, but the benefit of “New Music Night” is pretty questionable in our minds right now.

Bethany took some really cool pictures from the show. Check them out below: