Kicking off Lent

It’s hard to believe that Ash Wednesday is already here (and granted it is much earlier this year), but thus begins the 6 week period of reflection, prayer, abstaining and not-so-good liturgical music (especially from the drummer’s perspective).

A lot of people typically give up something for Lent.  Some years I try to give things up, but some years I instead try to take something on that I don’t normally do.  Part of it is with the intention of reflecting on myself and where I need growth (of fasting) in my life, but also what are things that can keep me prayerful by doing (or not doing) those things.  This year I have decided to do a little of both, hoping to improve my physical health along with my spiritual health.  I have been doing really well with keeping up with the gym, working out 4-5 days per week.  It’s not necessary something new to take on, but it is a challenge to maintain this momentum, especially as life is starting to get really busy again. In addition to that, I have decided to refrain from sweets and desserts – no ice cream, cookies, chocolate or candy bars from vending machines.  Eating sweets isn’t necessary something I do every day, but it is something that I will take advantage of at certain restaurants.  Bethany is also giving up the sweet craze as well.

LightsCameraFaith One last thing, Bethany and I are going to do some faith sharing through film, watching movies based on the scripture readings for the Sundays of Lent.  The movies come from a book called “Lights, Camera, Faith“, which is a book that uses recent and popular movies as another way of looking at scripture readings.  If you’re a movie buff at all, and would like to see how God can work through media, I invite you to try this out. The first movie for this Sunday is Quiz Show.  After watching the movie, I will offer my thoughts and reflections through the blog. If you’re interested, I would invite you to do the same, either by responding to my posts or perhaps we could set up a discussion board somewhere.  Let me know if you’d be interesting in learning more, of if there’s something I can do to help you get started.