State Names

While driving home tonight, that "Carolina" country song by Parmalee came on, where he rattles off those state names. I like that song for the most part, except for the fact that he doesn’t specify North or South Carolina – which got me thinking: which state names can also double as names for people (mainly girls)?

After committing some thought, here is my proposed list:

Acceptable (and Even Pretty) Names:

  • Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Virginia
  • Dakota

Borderline, but still acceptable

  • Arizona
  • California (in the form of "Cali")

Barely Acceptable

  • Florida
  • Montana
  • Nevada

Can’t Be Considered

  • Any state that starts with "New" (New Mexico, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire)
  • Any state that doesn’t end in "a"

Do you know anyone who has a name from the above list (or perhaps even someone whose name wasn’t made the list)?