Yahoo mail SMTP troubles?

Has anyone been experiencing long delays sending Yahoo Mail through SMTP?  I’m a Yahoo plus user and use Thunderbird to manage my email.  However, since Friday the 15th my emails sent through SMTP are being delayed for hours on end.  Since Yahoo doesn’t report their system status, I’ve had to rely on anecdotal evidence from other users to validate my issues.  It’d be nice if Yahoo had some kind of system status page, maybe I’m just not aware of it.

Another Yahoo Mail gripe, I sent an email to a server that uses SpamCop to filter emails, and my email got flagged as spam due to the SMTP server’s IP address – definitely annoying to say the least.

I just wanted to put this out there for the sake of re-assurance (for both myself and anyone else that might be experiencing problems).  Working in the tech industry, I understand outages occur.  What frustrates me is when problems aren’t communicated well, especially when I go out of my way to pay Yahoo for Mail Plus.  I just hope this delay is extremely temporary and isn’t the norm for going forward.

Update: Yahoo has confirmed the SMTP outages in their blog. No ETA though.