Good but unproductive weekend

Great weekend!  Did I get any work done? No…  Did I chop any items off of my to-do list?  No…  But that’s partly why it was such a great weekend.  When Friday came I felt that the previous week was quite productive, and getting the rest that I got felt really good.

Now that’s not to say that I sat around and did nothing…  I actually wasn’t home all that much.   Saturday morning I joined my mom at the movies.  We saw "Kingdom of Heaven" – interesting movie.  I’m not really sure if I enjoyed it very much, but I didn’t hate it either.  I wish I knew my 12th century history, then I could better understand the resentment some religious have directed towards this movie.  I was disappointed that the crusades were secularized as much as it was in this movie.   They made the crusades sound like it was more about land rather than the whole "religious war" aspect of this.  But again, I’m not one to make claims given my lack of historical perspective I really can’t make any judgments.  But I’m also disappointed in the religious officials who are making every effort to denounce this movie.  I think that if people accept Hollywood entertainment as historical gospel then they probably have bigger problems.  But to spear the movie-makers seems to be going a bit far.  Let them make the movie, offer historical clarifications, and let the people take it from there.  From a cinema perspective the movie was alright, I was disappointed in the lack of character development in Orlando Bloom’s character.  The action scenes, while good, are a bit "ho-hum" when you think of Lord of the Rings..  Also the movie seemed to run a half-hour too long..  But thank you for tuning into "Behind the Balcony with Jeromey Gaudreau"…

Last night I waxed the car for the first time this season.  I did about as decent job you’d expect for a "Hey it’s 9pm, let’s wax the car" job.  Didn’t really miss a few spots but the irony of it was when I went out to the parking lot today I saw that some bird left me a nice present on the hood.  The humor in life J

The majority of today was devoted to being at Emily’s graduation party.  I love my friend Emily   She’s so awesome and I’m really proud of her achievement!  Her party was a lot of fun.  I got to help with the setup and cleanup, which made me feel useful.  I also got to spend a lot of time with Emily’s family, who I’ve discovered are one of the coolest families I know and were just a lot of fun to be around.  Got to see Jas-TOR and Julia as well, so it was nice being able to see some good friends.  I was there the entire time and this was the only grad party I went to, but it was still a blast

So in tribute to my friend Emily and her big weekend I decided to subject her to my latest Photoshop experiment.  You know those iPod ads where people are dancing around with them and you have those cool silhouettes of people with the iPods?  So I decided to take a picture I had of Emily and Photoshopped her.  The pic was taken at NCSC Orlando Conference…  This is my first attempt, so be gentle (and yes I realize she does not have an iPod in the picture  )



So that brings to end my un-productive, but great weekend   And thus begins my summer work working as well.  Monday here I come!