Day 1 On the Stick

Well I made it to work, and my day so far is pretty much half-over.

I thought I’d make a quick entry to catalog my vehicular endeavers, for the sake of your comic relief, and perhaps some day mine (upon reflection).  But I’m really starting to get the hang of driving the stick.  First some numbers:

Places driven to: Sam’s apartment, the doctor’s office, back to her place, then to Silvermine Subs for lunch, then over to HP (basically going from the west end of Fort Collins to north, then all the way East of FC)

# of Stalls: 1 – it happened when I picked up Sam, then was backing the car out of the parking spot.  Put the car in reverse, let up on the clutch, not enough gas.

Strange/Funny Incidents: When we were coming back from the doctor’s office, turning form Lemay onto Prospect, I tried to shift from 2nd to 3rd, but could not find the third gear.

Also after I got Silvermine to go, I got a drink and put it into the cup holder  in the front.  When I turned onto Harmony and shifted from 2nd to 3rd my hand went forward and jolted the cup as well, got pop partially all over the dashboard..  NIIIIICCE! Note to self: no more "to-go" drinks for 2 weeks.