Anticipation of Upcoming Craziness

Ugh, today turned out to be a pretty long and frustrating day, especially in the evening. First off, tonight will be the last night in my apartment for quite some time, as I will be spending the next two weeks in Loveland house sitting for my family once again.  Just when I finally started getting used to sleeping in my own bed – to my sister’s old room I go!

But for the next two weeks I am no longer the proud owner for a Ford Explorer, but rather that is going to New Mexico with my family.  Now the escapade that is me driving a stick begins.  My last practice session with my family tonight did not go well at all..  I ended up stalling out, and while it was on this back-road I still felt really stupid.  I did however take a quick lap around Loveland and reclaimed my confidence, and my first time solo (driving back to my apartment) went well.  We’ll see how things go tomorrow though – with traffic (ugh)…

Tomorrow’s going to be a long day.  I’m taking Sam to the doctor’s in the morning, then I’m supposed to have lunch plans (which I’m not sure if they’re still on or not – a lot going on).  Then I’m working the rest of the day.  Then the fun part comes…  I’m going over to Bethany’s for dinner (she’s cooking for me – too sweet!) and then we’re going to go see Batman Begins!  I’m really excited to go see the movie.  I’ve heard a lot of great things about it.  We’ll see how Christian Beale stacks up.  Personally my favorite is still Michael Keaton – we’ll see if that changes tomorrow!