DC Greetings

Andy Rooney moment: Why is it that hotel TV’s always have the crappiest channels available? Why is it when you have time to watch TV in the hotel nothing good is ever on?  It’s not like I traveled a thousand miles to watch TV, but what else am I supposed to do this late at night? Ugh…

Tonight was a blast!  As I said before I made my way to the Pentagon City Metro Station and rode the train all the way over to RFK stadium.  I made my way towards RFK stadium and entered the ballpark.  RFK is a really cool stadium, for being as old as it is.  Opened in 1961 – 44 years old!  It doesn’t look as run-down as some of the other stadiums I’ve been to.

Today was free hat day at RFK!  It’s pretty sweet because it’s a two-color hat.  If you turn it inside-out it is Red with Blue, otherwise it’s Blue with Red.  As you can see it really fits me well.  It was pretty neat to have.  While I was at the stadium I bought a Pennant to add to my collection of the stadiums I’ve been to.  I’m excited about this one because it says Inaugural Year", and it’ll look good right next to my "Mile High" Colorado Rockies one.

Being in RFK was really cool. It was really neat to be surrounded by fans that were actually excited about baseball, excited about the opportunities their team has – and most of all, excited to have a competitive team on the field.  Now I love Rockies baseball, but mainly because I love the atmosphere more than I love the team.  The Rockies right now are pretty much a joke, and as I’m writing this I see on SportsCenter that the Rockies are ALREADY offering to unload their players in trades.  Way to give up on the season!  But getting back to the Nationals…

The atmosphere was really cool, it was neat seeing a full stand of fans, but it was also a bit funny watching fans that aren’t that used to watching baseball.  You would think they’d be a bit more savvy with the Orioles down the road.  But the fans kept getting up and leaving at the weirdest times in the middle of the game.  Now eventually you learn that if you’re going to leave/go to your seat, you do it between batters, or better yet between innings.  But people kept getting up right in the middle of pitches.  What they went to go do I had no idea.  At first it was funny and then it just got really old.

Overall tonight was a great night.  This was the first time that I’ve been to a baseball game by myself.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  It’s been really nice to be left alone to my thoughts and to be able to do whatever moves me at the moment, but it’s just not as fun as going to the game with a group of your friends.

Tonight I’m going to rest up and try to catch back up on my sleep, then heading to the gym here at the hotel in the morning, checking out, renting my car and driving to Bowie, MD to meet my friend Meghan.  Then we’re driving to Bristow, VA for the concert.  I’m really started to get excited to see what they’re going to play.  I’m praying for "Two Step".  We’ll see if I get my wish!

Oh and a few pictures:

Wow, a stadium full of fans!  Something we haven’t seen at Coors Canaveral in quite some time.

Hey it’s Vinny Cash-Steala.  Over here Vinny!

Woah… Randy Marsh is the first base umpire..  Now for those of you who aren’t as nerdy as me – Randy Marsh is Stan’s dad from South Park…