Mr & Mrs Smith Sucks

It’s been a few days since I’ve written here, but I wanted to update on a few random thoughts going on in my head (I’ve had a lot of them lately):

First off, this is the last night I’m spending in my parent’s house, and starting tomorrow I get to sleep in my own bed again… FOR FOUR DAYS?!?  Yes, I’ve ended my one-week house-sitting/babysitting stint (rather successfully I might add), only to be back here on Thursday to be staying here for another 10 days.  Ugh!!  I’m really missing my own place.  I enjoy being back at home and spending more time with my youngest sister, but at the same time I miss having MY own space, MY bed and all that other jazz.  Plus everything I’ve done this week is in Fort Collins, so it really sucks to have to drive an extra 20 minutes to be able to get to bed and sleep.

I got to go to the drive in last night with Bethany.  We had a really good time, but ended up seeing one really crappy movie.  Mr. & Mrs Smith – just skip it.  You don’t want to waste two hours of your life.  There were some pretty decent action scenes, but there was ABSOLUTELY NO PLOT, and furthermore the dialog sucked.  I’m not really an Angelina Jolie fan to begin with, and Brad Pitt – he’s just not what he used to be.  It seems like every Brad Pitt movie I’ve seen lately he’s played the role of Brad Pitt more than the character he’s supposed to be playing (if that makes sense).  I just really can’t see past his personality into the story.  The movie was pretty cliché too, so yeah go ahead and save your money.

Overall this weekend has been good so far – pretty restful (which also means pretty lazy).  I had a drumset accident this morning.  I was pulling the cart out of my apartment door (and it goes down a VERY small step) when the cart lost balance and fell forward.  I had two plastic tubs with my drum hardware, and one of them was so heavy that the fall forward split the container right open!  I was pretty surprised, but also pretty pissed.  I guess it’s easy to forget just how heavy drum hardware can be!

Well Sunday’s going to be a fun day, my sister and I need to clean up the house and find somewhere to hide the keg before we go pick my mom up from the airport!  Then begins my four days of domestic and vehicular freedom before I give up my apartment and my car for ten days!